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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. ♪ is still called it quits the london she says is more important than asserting her constituents. live around the block the of the and this is the last meal of the legendary bay area restaurants and there's one final thing that could save sam
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woes. it takes of the guesswork out of deciding when to start a family the new fragility test beds pinpoints how many childbearing years the woman has left. canadian can best yet. here is what you're really want to know. how hot is it going to get this weekend? u.s. 40 got its husband point your forecast for saturday was to appear now to be the warmest day so far this spring we're talking 60 degrees to the closed location of the seven-all the way to the low 90s across the santa clara valley the winds will be relatively flat so air quality we compromised east of the day of up to 90 degrees in brentwood low 90s in pleasanton as well as some on the creek the north and numbers stack up in the '60s all the way to 90 degrees in sonoma san francisco average hike is 63 but instead 79 degrees will talk about the cool down and when to expect that that is coming sooner than you think. and roberta. a man was
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electrocuted in san mateo after a power line fell across his pickup truck the line fell on the man was driving down or folk avondale authorities say he is shocked when he got out of the truck to move the wire his condition was unclear pg&e is looking into why that power line came down. the bay area politician embroiled in a sex addiction scandalous, and quits alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer of the announced resignation today kid to go on her apology and the job she says is more important than working for her constituents. did lisa family members were coming and going in hayward hills they said she wasn't here but would be back later tonight stephen welch has known for 18 years. the set people who said she got what she deserved all this. a thing that's crap. , i note people are vindictive. i just don't think it's a good
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thing today she's surprised everyone by turning in her resignation letter that seven parts i and my family constituents-and colleagues in huge apology reality is i said my personal goals and recovery too high and too quickly i got myself and a place called addiction of myself in a decade of nonstop, pain and loss are my personal excuse. i think it's a tragic story. think that's clearly an idea came to the board she had a lot going for r and d in time shall have a lot more in the future. we first learned about the problems in february when newark police got a call at this hotel about a man and woman fighting lockyer apparently had gotten into an argument on the phone with her husband and state treasurer bill lockyer and then came to the hotel to be a suicidal ex- boyfriend and the following weeks there was a lot of finger- pointing even the report of a sexy but no criminal charges is set for year-old went 3 happened is back to work the past few weeks cbs by political analyst
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says lot late block your could politically survive this that may not want to rush back into public life. it may very well be that some some of the pressures of having this kind of job may have been some of the things some of the cause that's a letter down the path that she went. as a very stressful position issues and. and back here live in a lot years, he word her husband's on the state treasurer and the this decision is the best one for the family the county board of supervisors has 60 days to report a replacement of the decision opens up in november for the election. live in haired kid does cbs five. was mercury the suspended sentences to share fun to court again today to try to get his job back the judge said no. mercury me argued mayor ed lee didn't fully listened to his story the day before the mayor's suspended him as soon as
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i walked in and within 20 to 30 seconds the mayor had announced that its am asking you to resign if not face suspension the meeting would then did it right there if i had not asked him then the number of questions that started with how do arrive at this position? you don't even know what happened would like to hear my story? and the mayor was merely change the subject. and turned into a massive manhunt that brought traffic to a standstill on one of the state's busiest highways. the interstate 88 probe both directions who they say it opened fire on them. it all began around 6 this morning the officers to the shooting of a west sacramento repair shop the suspected gunman shot from there the suspect on a
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rampage officers say that they crashed a stolen truck into a free media he that is gave them a tractor investigators say that he be some of the mentally second struck to the west sacramento apartments and after exchanging gunfire police confirmed that the man had been shot and killed. no word yet on his identity. thought a series of crashes at the same as a bridge in both directions. what a big rig crashed into a pickup truck in the westbound lanes a short time later driving eastbound he smashed into the back of a patrol car passing it into the back of a fire truck nobody was seriously hurt but traffic was a total mess. all lanes on the bridge reopened around 10:00 a.m.. he learned late today that a famous bay
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area restaurant is getting its second chance. here's a look at sambos and hold the wall in washington street in sentences as chinatown it's been open for more than a hundred years it's usually pretty crowded but not like this. he led the money up all day after news spread yesterday that samos' to be serving its last meal tonight's the owners said that they couldn't afford health department mandates to clean the place up and today help inspectors were backed out for another look day as the restaurant to close after service tonight but just for three days then they'll be on tuesday to see if the owners can make a case for keeping the restaurant open and it's going to be it won't be in process for all of the things that need to get done for sam to get back up a list on the tape. the inspectors from the fire department will also be at that we had tuesday to makes sure that the building itself is
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up to code. remorse together as they did have resigned in the wake of the sex scandal so far six agents have lost their jobs in the past three days of new details submersed about one of those men while protecting sarah palin did during the campaign david he boasted on facebook that he was " really checking her out if you know what i mean. a lot of people will just say that this is boys being boys and boys would be boy is that they shouldn't be in positions of authority and additional secret service agent was implicated today. the total involved 12th and 11 members before were being investigated they're hearing from the man who shot and killed in florida teenager he apologized to try about martin's family today a judge said belfour during zimmerman for $50,000 and as he explains the new witness has not
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come forward. george zimmerman was ran circles and appears to be body armor under is suited never spoken to trade on martin's parents until this moment. want to say i'm sorry for the loss of your son. but i did not know how old he was i thought he was a little beyond the 9 m and i did not know if he was hard not. but assistant prosecutor argued zimmerman is not only charged with violent crime but also has a violent history. zimmerman was involved in past altercations one with police and one with an ex- girlfriend. he had the one man who is minding his business and walking home when is convinced confronted by the defendant to felt that mr. marden was, the crime of some type unfortunately to be the wrong assumptions are ms. lawyers state investigator and has emmitt can be charged with murder when prosecutors still can answer some key
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questions the nose started it? did we do know? who lived certified to prosecutors also revealed for the first time they've found an eyewitness to part of the incident a witness case in one another. it is he the president emeritus of defense claims and the timing of his condolences to his parents after you've committed this crime to the police did urethane speculate to the police the restore 40 done? he never stated that did you? the great remember giving three statements. trade on martin's parents left their lawyers said they or devastated by the judge's decision to grant simmer and bonds. debris that his freedom is
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only temporary because the pain the is caused this family of is going to be permanent. they're never going to get him back. nuns are under fire for help in the poorer by the public uses them for having a radical feminist agenda. but, struck by the law can be seen that the web? what they had to edit out the slap and what they put in its place. it is so new many doctors don't even know about this. the fertility tests that tells you
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mr. was, it is in foster actions will have to share this after all in the new policy of parkway the it is causing the
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will to lead a double take the signs point toward the exploratory misspelled there is an eye and seven day. it appears that someone made the correction when you think of and and what comes to mind radical feminist will apparently that is what the pope thinks. why dander's reports why they say it is ridiculous. the vatican is accusing the largest organization of catholic nuns in america of falling of line with church teachings and promoting radical feminist themes. the recommended is aimed at the leadership conference of women religious group that represents most of america's 57,000 catholic sisters. the vatican praises the nuns for promoting social justice but slams them for protesting protesting church doctrine on homosexuals and ordination it also complains the nuns have been silent on issues like the right to life and abortion. the conference said it
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was stunned by the conclusions sisters close to the group including some on campus of the anti-poverty group network say the nuns free but question church dogma but never priest preach defiance. is this a group of radical feminists teaching outside the doctrines of turret church? that's ridiculous there is no evidence of being unfaithful. being back to dr. noble out of step with the church? is not there. the vatican specifically criticizes the nuns leadership conference for public statements the disagree with positions taken by u.s. most notably the conference did clash with the bishops on health care reform spokesman for about the vatican and u.s. bishops declined comment but father robert of catholic university explains the leadership conference gets the authority from and isn't allowed to question the church or the
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bishops? as public representatives by the very existence than obligation to reflect fundamental church teaching on matters. the cracks and nuns has ignited intense debate between those who said russia has the right to demand conformity and this is to the vatican turned control the urges women? why then do cbs news washington. the california lottery has pulled that cb commercial's sums they depicted lady luck with a little too much punch. that is the one you saw the added debuted to a few weeks ago will some viewers and some female legislatures are complain that it's glamorizes violence. so but officials decide to go with a softer touch and take a look. the same thing. address the
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winds of lottery officials say they have already planned to air both versions of the ad but a few complaints prompted them to switch the commercials ahead of schedule. did way to deciding when to start a family isn't always easy but there is a cutting edge fertility tests that eliminates some of the guess work at the cook shows us the inexpensive way for a woman to find out exactly how many childbearing years she has left. it's simple blood test when it told a meat left not to wait too long before starting a family. i was that the would-be parents all of she was in her early '30's amy didn't have many reproductive the bags left a discovery her doctor may after giving in the end ama to test the blood test that can determine roughly how many eggs a woman has at any point in time it's not expect the expense of its own new your doctor may not even know about it.
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which is the lowest number up to four or greater harmony 89 have left as your vote a very reserve you and i know that a woman's eggs may not necessarily a good intention with her body. that means is possible for a fee milliner mid-30s to have the eggs and thus the fertility chances of a woman much older. these ladies actually have lower or very reserved and the number of eggs left in the ever anticipated when not sure why but we're trying to get more and young women to of these contests done so they would know where they stand to woman without a partner can still get an a and h test and freeze their eggs if the test comes back well as this cooks cbs five. all around the world but this could be reversed. a sea lion that fact is the big guy all 700 lbs. of them will be flown by fedex from
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the marine mammal center in southern california and a newly utahs do the big guys blind. turns out the credit they plan to use was so big it wouldn't fit in the track. 20 degree damages that across the bay area today at 62 to 90 degrees and winds but it's the warmest day this spring is yet to come open ,,,,,,,,
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opinion right now very slow cool down and draw the tribe of his 687 is this 4067 degrees of was upper 50s currently no clintonites kickoffs is when to get members into the 50s and pillows '60s event will be five free beset by the camera up toward the tried calling the
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these numbers will be 16 to 21 degrees above average for this time of the air. the warmest day this rain up with a crystal clear skies at santa cruz of the water at 53 degrees and that is the big cool down in santa cruz so-called phreak the index seven on the highest to make sure the you have the sun block. blame it on the mulberry the oak and the grass of his lover from allergies and if the lead the sons and a great day tomorrow were talking a string of '60s and '70s monaco's to of to 85 degrees in sunnyvale on my knees to the most part consisted declare a valley in the east are the bay 80s and 90s will be coming were talking 90 degrees in pleasanton 89 degrees and not have to run to the northern portion are district 60's 70's 80's all the way to 90 and cinema went flat northwest
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attend to what america on the north bay east bay and the south bay. the incidence calls for a big cool down north bay valley due to a south wind on sunday and then everybody will fill the cool down monday and tuesday a little bit more seasonal and then a daily chance of rain showers and wednesday through frid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...
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it's the damage to the poor pulled after allowing a leadoff single and two batters later up the middle to lucky to breath the milkman four times tonight some clay hensley came off in the bottom of a 10th of to what and nobody out and pitched out of the jam for his first save since it does intend in the giants beat the mets 43 for the third straight win.
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a's and indians had three hits enter into runs john shattuck had them on the border the second homer of the season and a solo shot to want to out for jack cameron and making his former team with it to run double the odds -- the left- field it's now for the seventh with a is a chance take the lead but he grounds out to the bases loaded going on between 43 and sent the three game winning streak. click thompson led the warriors with 26 points to beat the defending champions in dallas and in the third shot mary tips about angeles a 3 the mavericks when one of ford's 94. and now lost seven straight.
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tears. stop staring at me. the bobcats lost their 19th straight game to seven and 55 this season and no. 3 was a big night for the mets and airfield dennis just this skype and made a spectacular dive at had been sanchez. the fires and financiers has been set up as a physically and teammates are hitting each other bids bourbons to force. duckweeds and never one brewer is repeat all is the wall
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